About: Why I offer websites:  

I'm a professional programmer. I work full time coding and designing software systems and doing database work.

I noticed that non-programmers tend to be good at their specialty, and not good at code, so I thought they should have an easier way to have a website than "learning to code".
So, I made the site design, set up, and basics easy and accessible so the site owners can just log in and edit the content (pages, words, photos, links, etc) without knowing any code! It's very similar to writing an email or using Word or other software.

Although it's easy to edit a page, it is different and new, so watching the videos helps. And, it has a lot of extra features in order to be flexible for advanced needs, so learning how to use it is mostly "ignore all these features and just use this one". Everyone is different, so I do have the help guides for those who do want to read it rather than watch the videos.