What are the Support Options?  
Support time is scheduled in advance and limited.  The options below give different plans, choice, prices, and schedulding. The best rates are for options scheduled well in advance.
  Training Plan  

What Type of Learner are You?

A Plan for Each Learning Style:

  • Watching/Listening Learners: Videos
  • Reading Learner: written Help Guides
  • Hands-on Learner: in-person Training Sessions

Some topics are easest to understand in-person; other topics are easiest when a combination of approaches are used.

If you want in-person training sessions, we can do specific individual topics or we offer a Basic and Avdvanced series.

  Support Plan  

Instead of paying for support on an as-needed basis, you can pick a support plan, prepay and save!

This works great for the budget-minded, and for those who can organize several questions and needs into one phone call or email.

We offer a discounted rate for these pre-paid plans.

  Website Content Update Plan  

Monthly updates to your website made for you at a discounted rate.

2, 4, or 6 module content changes per month.

Just email us your monthly updates and we'll do it for you!

  Per-Incident/Hourly Support  

We can answer questions, review concepts, help with content, or undo/fix things.

  • A half-hour minimum for each email, phone call, or meeting.
  • 48 hour notice required.
  Emergency Plan  

If you need help and you need it within 48 hours, we have a plan for that.

This includes new website setups, updating pages and files on your site, and changing module settings for you.

  • Additional charges apply.
  •  One hour minimum.
  Priority Treatment for your Business Needs  

Choose from these "A la carte" services as you need them:

  • Content Management Services: Weekly, Monthly, or On Demand updates to your website, done for you by the professional associates at WebsiteEMS.com
  • Site Organization Advising. Tips and Advice specific to your site and presenting it to it's best advantage.
  • Site Design: Full or Semi Custom
  • Logo Design
  • Custom Software Solutions: Professional programing.
  • Support & Training: Priority Phone or Email help, charged by the hour.


Just contact us, let us know your needs, and we can quote you a price.